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Building information Modeling is considered to be one of the efficient tool in AEC (architecture, Engineering & Consulting) market. The growing worldwide adoption and implementation of BIM for its powerful digital data-based modelling, visualization, analysis and simulation capabilities represents the start of a transition to an integrated information infrastructure that will ultimately revolutionize almost all aspects of the construction industry.

We at Building Data Labs have been providing BIM modelling services to healthcare, institutional, industrial, commercial buildings and etc. BIM is essential in the current construction market as with the booming market, there is concerned need for right technology.

There are several benefits with BIM which are as below.


  • Discovery of design error at early stage

  • Reduced rework

  • Better Project Quality and Performance

  • Improved productivity

  • Enhanced Project Collaboration

  • Faster Project Delivery

  • Earlier and more accurate visualizations of design with 3D Model

  • Reduction of wastage and better implementations of lean construction techniques

  • Easy and precise quantity take-offs from 3D model


Please reach out to our experts if you want to benefit from our BIM services at or 860-681-4733.

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