Our Team

Shiva Lukka
Founder & CTO

Shiva is an architect by profession and an innovator at heart. He is constantly looking for ideas to improve productivity and achieve optimized results for our clients. Over his professional career, he has gained a comprehensive working knowledge design, construction, and BIM projects. Working on projects from large scale infrastructure to high end residential, has made him an indispensable asset to many of our clients.

Corinne Salada
Head of Operations

Corinne brings her nonprofit program management experience to find the most efficient communication processes.

Thanks to her research skills, she can find the best options for each client's unique needs.

Erin Horanzy
Founder & Principal

Erin is passionate about the future of technology, especially where the intersection of design and safety come together.  By offering BIM conversion services to small companies, she aspires to make BIM more available to anyone who wants to use it.

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Sharan Muthalayil
Founder & Design Head

Sharan has 8 years of experience in the architectural industry, collaborating with multifaceted offices and institutes the world over. His passion for problem solving, design utilization, optimization of workflows and efforts in combining new digital media for various clients on site, makes him a valuable asset.  He is perceptive of the problems involved in the design and construction industries, and is constantly Iooking to forward the understanding and knowledge of BIM processes by amalgamating new avenues of interdisciplinary learning with core design.