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Owner's Representative Services

Our team at Building Data Labs takes your project seriously.  We understand that this might be the biggest project you’ll ever do with your house, and it’s a big deal to you!

As the Owner’s Representative, the Building Data Labs team coordinates and manages all the different aspects of your project. No architect, contractor, or other project member shares the responsibility of the entire project, with the exception of the Owner’s Representative.

Our core focus is to ensure good financial management of design and construction projects. We help our clients to determine the bottom line for their project’s budget, and then do the work to make sure that the money spent matches the original planned budget.

Our project managers are all experienced in architecture, engineering, and construction projects, and use that experience to avoid problems before they start.  Design and construction projects can involve lengthy, complicated financial and legal agreements in which arguments often happen. We deal with these kinds of issues every day, and we use this experience to minimize the Owner’s risk.

Here is a full list of all of the activities Building Data Labs handles in the course of our Owner’s Rep services:

Owner's Representative Services



Project Planning

  • Prep the project planning document

  • Develop a project budget by phase and scope

  • Schedule out the different subcontractors and materials involved

  • Manage everything in our proprietary project management platform, SnapshotPM


  • We handle the entire design process in-house: concept, permits, construction and bid drawings

  • Exceptions are local architects and engineers with intimate knowledge of your town’s unique building codes to review and stamp drawings and specifications

  • Analyze design team costs

  • Help client determine opportunities for cost savings

  • Maintain schedule and identify long lead items such as material backlogs

  • Coordination between architect and Building Data Labs team

  • Handle project coordination meetings

  • Obtain approvals from zoning and building departments

  • Review and prepare payment recommendations for all invoices

  • For more details on design check out the Architectural Design page

Office Scene

Procurement and Bidding

  • Coordination of review of project delivery options

  • Choose and vet contractors and subcontractors

  • Conduct direct purchase vendor selection or bidding

  • Perform comparative analysis of bids received

  • Fast-track contract awards and executions


Project Startup

  • Develop and apply project controls and

       communication in SnapshotPM

  • Prepare cash flow projection


Construction & Installation

  • Construction and Installation

  • Monitor construction activities

  • Handle and crosscheck flow of invoices

  • Due diligence to avoid change orders, and to avoid budget-busting when they do happen

  • Create workarounds when problems happen in the schedule

  • Manage purchasing and delivery of materials

  • Conduct and document project coordination meetings

  • Work to resolve disagreements quickly, and when necessary, coordinate formal dispute resolution actions

  • Distribute regular progress reports exported from SnapshotPM

  • Maintain project documentation in SnapshotPM

Project Closeout

  • Watch the project deadline to deal with large completion items and final inspections

  • QC for correction of punch list items

  • Review contractor and vendor submission of all necessary documents

  • Schedule and assist with move-in activities

  • Give the owner the big reveal!

Engineer Looking At Blueprint
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