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Design our tiny house and win $500

Design a Tiny House on Wheels.


  • Fits on a 6 x 20 feet trailer bed, maximum house dimensions 8.5 W x 20 Lx 13.5 H (from the ground)

  • Uses lightweight materials, 100% passive, off grid.

  • Sustains a temperature range of 110 to -40 F.

  • Water storage capability of minimum 300 gallons each for potable water and grey water. (additional storage is a plus)

  • No flushing toilet

Additional points:

  • Stackable/augmentable design (combinations of multiple pods or tiny houses to make a normal house)  

  • Autofiltration / generation of potable / useful water

  • Uses recycled material, construction waste, landfill material, etc. (Bonus if you can provide links to buy it in northeast USA)

Design considerations:

  • 2 people live there full time, most probably getting on each other’s nerves!

  • Kitchen counter space of 10 sq ft total, electric stove, toaster oven, small dishwasher.

  • Include space for a washing machine.

Submission: A3/tabloid sheet with the concept fully laid out including basic mechanical calculation, electrical calculation and bill of material.


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