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How to improve your bottom line lease income by 10% - Part 2: Process for creating BOMA drawings

Part 2: Process for creating BOMA drawings

Scan planning

  • The scanning technician coordinates with the building owner or manager to agree on a scanning date.

  • The building owner ensures that the technician will be provided access to all areas, including those that are normally locked or out of bounds.

  • The building owner ensures that the space is as clear of obstructions and personnel as possible.

The design manager prepares the modeling team to be ready when the raw data is sent over.


  • On the day of scanning, the technician arrives as early as possible. They open all doors and turn on all lights, and set up the scanner.

  • Then, they move from one room to another to scan and 360 photograph every measurement of every space. Each scan contributes to making a digital representation of the building made up of millions of points of measurement, called a point cloud.

  • Depending on the needs of the building owner, the technician sometimes scans the exterior of the building.

  • After returning to the office, the technician checks on the quality of the scan file and makes any necessary adjustments. Then, they send it to the design manager for modeling.

3D modeling

  • The modeling team refers to the point cloud to create a 3D model of the space.

  • The design manager checks in on the progress of the team every day to make sure that there are no doubts about details of the scan. The team can also refer to the 360 photographs taken at the same time as the scan to do a visual check against the point cloud.

  • After the modeling team is finished, the design manager labels the categories of each area. This includes vertical penetrations such as stairs, common areas such as lobbies, and various usable and rentable areas.

  • Finally, the team delivers the BOMA drawings to the building owner.

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