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Don't Lose Money on Unnecessary Site Visits

The pandemic has changed how designers and contractors are managing projects. Although contractors have been getting more jobs, bottom line profit has been dropping quickly. Last year, our team worked with multiple contractors, and finally a pattern emerged.


Losing money on site visits:

Before, everyone visited the site however many times they needed to without thinking about it. Normally, the business owner visited the sites first and then the hand off happens to the project managers.

Each round trip in the city should take 2 hours and an additional hour to do the necessary work. Assuming the cost of your employee after overhead is $35-40/hour -

"Each trip can cost up to $120, and all of it comes out of the profit line. It doesn't go into your employees' pocket nor yours, it just vanishes into thin air."

This is a huge cost in small jobs because the profit margins are so razor thin.


The Scan to CAD / material estimate generation:

The pandemic forced our team to find a way to capture as much information as possible from a building the first - and only - time we visit. It's easy to control this with the right tools and skills: photo-

realistic scanning along with highly precise drawings which represent the building have become more accessible than ever before to small scale contractors. You can even measure things from the comfort of your office.

Check out an example of our scanning for a combination commercial / industrial property:

Getting a scan for a property could cost as little as $500 in and around NYC. The best part is, Building Data Labs has even figured out a quick and easy way to generate floor plans, ceiling plans, elevations, sections, etc. Depending on the need, we even develop 3D models to get accurate material measurements and do construction sequencing.

We will hold this scan for you and provide necessary drawings as and when required. Each drawing of <2000 sq ft building might cost you as little as $200-$300 using our à la carte service model. Day 1, you might only need a floor plan, but a year later you might need more information. We, and you, don't have to pay for site visits again and again because of our scan to CAD method.

Check out our samples:

Existing Building Drawings

3D model made in Revit
Accurate 3D model for as little as $1500

Floor Plan with plumbing, electrical, and mechanical elements
Floor Plan with plumbing, electrical, and mechanical elements

Interior section showing ceiling heights
Interior section showing ceiling heights


Sometimes contractors ask us to do a concept design:


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