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Proved use cases:


Architects, Engineers and Property owners.


3D printing professionals.


Snap3D One, is a handheld 3D scanner for construction, 3d printing, custom furniture,  manufacturing, any other industry which has 3D Design and Assembly. Day to day improvments track can be tracked by comparing pointclouds generated by Snap3D One everyday.  Snap3D One's ultra portability and ease of use make it the best friend of field workers to send data to CAD software to get the construction validation quicker.


Snap3D One is fully integrated with our field tracking app SnapshotPM.


Together they join forces in leveraging the day to day tasks and actions tracked on SnapshotPM with 3d data generated by Snap3D One for validating the work. Our current clientele are using it to validate rough-ins, rough openings, making sure of the work done by contractors and subcontractors is correct every step of the way. Bring the work done by your subcontractors to Architects and Designers quicker!


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Snap3D One

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  • Use Environment Indoor/Outdoor
    Depth Technology Stereoscopic
    RGB Sensor FOV
    (Horizontal x Vertical x Diagonal)
    90° x 65°
    Depth Field of View (FOV)
    (Horizontal × Vertical × Diagonal)
    87° x 58°
    Depth Stream Output Resolution 1280 x 720
    Depth Stream Output Frame Rate Up to 90 fps
    Minimum Depth Distance (Min-Z) 0.52m
    Sensor Shutter Type Global Shutter
    Ideal Range .5-6 meters; Varies depending on calibration, scene, and lighting condition
    RGB Sensor Resolution and Frame Rate 1280 x 800 at 90 fps
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