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Residential Design Packages

Building Data Labs has perfected the home renovation process! 
We use a holistic method to ensure that every stage of design focuses on aesthetics balanced with cost effectiveness and good engineering. We use up-front pricing so you can avoid surprises and stay in control of your budget. 

Our design team plans for:
-efficiency of material and labor during construction

-bang for your buck - stick to your budget

-electricity and HVAC savings in the home

-solving problems before they can crop up

-clarity in communication with contractors


Our design process

Existing Building Conditions
We visit your home and take a point cloud scan. This gives us over a million measurements of the space so that we can create an accurate digital model. The more accurate the model of the existing house, the better we can plan for the work that needs to be done!

Concept Design

We discuss how your life patterns form inside your house, how you want it to function, and how you want it to feel.  We then create a design that is tailored to your wants, needs, and budget. It's okay to change your mind! We can do 2-3 changes to the design to make sure you get exactly what you need. 

Permit Set Preparation
We add all the details your municipality will require to get construction permits.  These details aren't included in concept design because every municipality has its own unique regulations and research is always needed. 

Construction Set Preparation
Once the permits are approved, we can flesh out the details of everything the contractor needs for the build process. This is vitally important to be sure that you don't lose any time in fixing mistakes.  

Construction Management
We manage scheduling, material sourcing, subcontractor vetting, insurance, and unique-to-project details in order to make sure that your construction goes according to plan.


Special Design Packages


Contact us for pricing

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) aka Mother-in-law Suite

Contact us for pricing 

Full Gut Renovation

Contact us for pricing 

Remove Load Bearing Wall

$6000 flat fee


Multifamily conversion

Contact us for pricing 

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